it’s not a secret

Yvonne and Leslie are standing beside their cars in the elementary school drop off lane.
“See, Leslie, it’s no big deal,”  Yvonne says, turning her left cheek toward Leslie.
“Yeah, Yvonne, you can hardly notice it,” Leslie replies, meekly.
“Oh, you’re too kind to me,” Yvonne says as Leslie walks toward her car.
“Wait, Leslie?” Yvonne says in a stage whisper.
Leslie stops and turns back to Yvonne.
“I’m just saying,” Yvonne continues.  “I mean, if any of the other Moms mention it, I just want them to know that I      know,” she stammers.  “That I know I’ve got a huge zit on my face.”
“Oh, sure, right, no problem,”  Leslie says while she turns back to her car and opens the door.
“Oh, and hey, Leslie?”
Leslie turns her head, but not her body, back to Yvonne.  “What?”
“Let them know that I know my roots are showing.  Let them know that I know it’s time for me to color my hair.”
Leslie slides into the driver’s seat and quickly closes the car door.  “Yeah, yeah, okay,” she mouths as she puts the car into drive and speeds away.



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